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Professional translations and interpreting for companies and individuals

If you are in need of specialist or certified translation or interpreting services, you are in the right place.

What I offer

Professional translations

As a sworn translator of English, I offer you my knowledge and experience in the process of translation of corporate documentation and documents necessary to individuals in everyday life.

I will make every effort for the end result of the translation process to be satisfactory to you and the intended purpose of the translated documents or the meeting held to be achieved to the fullest extent.

Please see the details of my offer.

Who am I?

I am a sworn translator of English with more than 10 years of experience in my profession.

In my work I combine theoretical knowledge gained during linguistic studies with practice of a long-term employee and contractor of various law firms.

I am an accurate, conscientious and reliable person who meets every deadline. Whether translating pleadings or participating in business negotiations, I always strive to get to the author’s intentions and depict them in the target language to the slightest detail so that the intended purpose of the source text is achieved.

I am perfectly aware that in the world of professionals minute linguistic details can lead to significant actual gains or losses and I wish to help my clients succeed with their projects in the international business environment.

You are more than welcome to cooperate with me.


Interdisciplinary Postgraduate Studies in Translation and Interpreting, Institute of Applied Linguistics, Warsaw University,

Institute of English Studies, Warsaw University – MA studies, major: linguistics

Specialist translations

I specialise mainly in legal and business translation and translate, among others, the following documents used in legal and business transactions:

  • contracts and agreements,
  • court and official letters,
  • corporate documents,
  • financial and accounting documents.

I also offer specialist interpreting services, e.g. in the course of business discussions and negotiations, also in the form of conference calls.

Certified translations

I offer written certified translations of, inter alia:

  • court documents,
  • powers of attorney,
  • documents confirming educational background and professional qualifications,
  • birth, marriage, death certificates
  • certificates (e.g. clean criminal record, employment, residence certificates),
  • corporate register extracts,
  • other documents which need to be certified by a sworn translator.

My services also include sworn translator’s attendance and interpreting at the notary’s office, in court or at the Civil Registry Office.

Each translation request is subject to an individual free quotation taking into account the degree of text specialisation, text size and translation deadline.

Do you have questions?

Contact me

Katarzyna Kluczewska
Sworn translator of English

ul. Mickiewicza 38a/1
05-230 Kobyłka

NIP: 123-101-83-02
Regon: 141890237